Working with several major brands on their digital marketing initiatives over the last 10 years, we became very familiar with the difficulties marketers were having getting return on investment from their digital advertising. We also saw the difficulties marketers were having coordinating multiple vendor partners (creative, technology and measurement agencies) in an attempt to build a better performing online marketing program.

In 2008, we created our first dynamic advertising campaign for NIKEiD and we saw the simplicity, power and profit that targeted, dynamic advertising promised for marketers in any industry. When we combined our dynamic ad creative and production with the ability to more precisely retarget and measure the performance of our clients' campaigns, we knew we had cracked the code that was stifling so many marketers.

The Live Ads is the innovative outcome and the latest chapter in this story.

It provides precise media targeting that can be easily measured and optimized, making it possible for brands to more easily communicate their message to consumers across all digital touchpoints - all within a product that is easy to use and powerful. No longer do marketers need to manage their traditional agency, digital agency, media partners, and analytics companies, saving time and money while improving coordinated strategy and action.

People who want to know more about us often ask, “Are you an ad platform, an agency or a software company?” The answer is ‘yes’. We are an end-to-end solution that can deliver creative, media and technology with our 20+ years agency experience. However, we are often asked to play a key part within a wider group of client and vendor brand, merchandising, creative, media, technology, audience stakeholders. We enjoy this. Why? Because we know success hinges on building great relationships and collaborating with other teams of people.

Get to know us:

  • Sam Karow


    Media planning, investment and analysis. 18 years of experience in media planning and buying for consumer goods, electronics, apparel, financial services and retail at Starcom Worldwide and others.

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  • Ted Billups


    Creative direction/design, technology and senior management. 18 years of experience in SaaS and apps, ecommerce, sports, travel, and retail.

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  • Charles Stevenson


    Creative direction/copy and senior management. 22 years of experience in brand identity and message development for transportation, retail ecommerce, travel, sports, tech startups, and media companies.

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